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We offer the full range of Spectra watermakers to meet your boat’s freshwater needs and extend your cruising range. From emergency drinking water to unlimited supply for showers, heads, and galleys, there’s a solution to fit your freshwater needs. Let us help you choose the right Spectra for your boat and integrate it efficiently into your systems.

Survival and Emergency

Katadyn Survivor 6 from Sea Tek Marine in Marathon, FL

At 2.5 pounds, the Survivor 06 fits into any emergency kit. You don’t have to sacrifice safety because of space or weight constraints. The 06 is recommended for most life rafts and individual survival kits.

Katadyn Survivor 35 from Sea Tek Marine in Marathon, FL

Whether it is used as a back-up source of fresh drinking water or for emergencies, it can fulfill your water needs with only a modest effort. It is widely used by the U.S. and international military groups, voyagers, and adverturers worldwide.

Katadyn PowerSurvivor 40e from Sea Tek Marine in Marathon, FL

Affordable and reliable, the Katadyn PowerSurvivor 40E allows cruisers to go further and stay longer, without worrying about having enough water or taking on suspect water.

Cruising Boats

Spectra Ventura 150 watermaker from Sea Tek Marine in Marathon, FL

The Spectra Ventura series is engineered for the smaller vessel to be energy efficient, light-weight, and self-regulating. These watermakers are composed of compact modules, making for easy installation in confined spaces. The Ventura 150 operates anywhere in the world and delivers over 6 gallons (24 liters) an hour. The Ventura 200T is designed for tropical water and delivers over 8 gallons (31 liters) an hour. We offer models that operate on either 12v or 24v DC so can be run from solar, wind, or a small generator.

Spectra Cape Horn Extreme watermaker from Sea Tek Marine in Marathon, FL

The Cape Horn system is designed for the extreme rough service typically found on high speed racing yachts. The two diaphragm feed pumps cannot be damaged by feed water intake aeration or by running dry. This versatile system has the option of running on a single feed pump for high efficiency, or two pumps for high capacity. If one pump should fail, the unit will still produce fresh water from the remaining pump.

Production on the low mode (one feed pump) is 7 gallons (31 liters) per hour consuming only 120W of power. With two feed pumps running the machine produces 14 gallons (53 Liters) an hour with a power consumption of only 285W.

Spectra Catalina 340Z watermaker from Sea Tek Marine in Marathon, FL

The Catalina 340 Z is affordable, light weight and compact with all the great features Spectra has become known for. The Catalina is easy to install, simple to use, quiet, very energy efficient.

Spectra Newport 400 MKII from Sea Tek Marine in Marathon, FL

Spectra Watermakers’ Newport 400 Mk IIis the most technically advanced marine desalination system available today. Utilizing the experience gained from over eight years of building the world’s most automated and energy efficient watermakers, Spectra has again taken a quantum step in developing the next generation in the Newport series. The Newport 400 Mk II is designed and engineered for maximum reliability efficiency, and ease of service.

The Mk II is more compact than its predecessor because the 50 micron filter has been eliminated in favor of a small filtration boost pump. This arrangement allows the system to be mounted in a wider variety of locations and enhances the filtration to the feed pump module. Installation is also easier and faster because the Mk II’s have less wiring and a centralized plumbing manifold.

Spectra Newport 700 MkII from Sea Tek Marine in Marathon, FL

The Mk II is designed and engineered for maximum reliability, efficiency, and ease of service. Spectra’s proprietary “Clark Pump” high pressure intensifier maintains the proper pressures in the membrane throughout a wide range of ocean temperatures and water conditions without any adjustments or loss of product water output. The composite construction is corrosion resistant and there are no flow control valves, pressure or flow gauges to adjust. Available in all voltages. These are the most versatile and quiet watermakers you can buy. The 700 produces up to 700 gallons (2600 liters) per day, while the 1000 produces up to 1000 gallons (3700 liters) per day.

Large Yachts and Commercial Vessels

Spectra Farallon 1800 watermaker at Sea Tek Marine in Marathon, FL

Finally, Spectra Watermakers introduces a system designed for those yachts and commercial vessels that need more water. Using the revolutionary Spectra-Pearson Pump, these systems are the most efficient small scale desalination systems available on the market. Built with industrial grade materials, designed for continuous duty, and featuring the MPC 5000, these systems are rugged, easy to operate, extremely reliable.

Spectra Cabo 10000 watermaker from Sea Tek Marine in Marathon, FL

For the megayacht and commercial vessel that need the ultimate in advanced desalination technology. The SP-20 Pearson Pump can desalinate water with amazingly little energy; as low a 8 KWH per 1000 gallons or 2KWH per 1000L. Each Cabo Series system is completely customizable. With a variety of options and equipment, Spectra will design a complete operating system to suit your specific needs..

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